For property management companies

Save time in damage management

From damage report to invoice in just 12 days –
with Golden Key software



For property management companies

Save time in damage management

From damage report to invoice in just 12 days –
with Golden Key software




Online solution for fast damage processing and craftsman search.

The tenant calls: something is broken again. Writing down everything, finding the right craftsman, and ensuring that they actually take care of the problem takes you hours. With Golden Key, everything from damage reporting to invoicing is done online.

Your benefits:

Damage management done with just a few clicks
Keep an eye on the order status live
Satisfied tenants

Why damage reports currently take up so much time


Almost every day, tenants call and report some kind of damage.
And you: You have to write down all the information twice or even three times, sift through heaps of paperwork, and spend hours on phone calls. Often, you're missing relevant information about the damage. That means the tradesperson has to go to the apartment first and assess the situation themselves – and of course, they charge a high price for that.


Throughout the entire repair, you stand as the middleman between the tradesperson and the tenant. You constantly have to pass information from one to the other and, above all, keep track of everything amid the chaos. Because if you overlook something, you'll immediately have annoyed tenants on your doorstep.

And once the job is finally done, you often spend weeks chasing the craftsman for the invoice. It's a huge effort!

From damage reporting to invoicing, it can take several months.


Save time and organize repairs online

In a time when everything from team meetings to account management is done online, there should be a simpler solution for such a problem. That's exactly what we thought too!


We are Pascal and Gilbert Spaini, and we currently manage more than 130 units. To make our damage management more efficient, we have developed Golden Key. A platform that handles everything online from reporting to invoicing.


From damage reporting to invoicing in 6 simple steps - with Golden Key.


Report damage

Your tenants report the damage online through our platform and directly upload photos.

Damage report received

As soon as damage is reported, you will receive a push notification by email. This way, you immediately have all relevant information at hand and can get a good understanding of the situation.

Commission a tradesperson

Whether it's your trusted tradesperson or a new service provider near your property – our platform allows you to compare different quotes, select an offer, and commission the repair.

Keep an eye on the order status

Has an appointment been scheduled yet? When is the tradesperson coming? With our software, you can see the current status of the repair live – conveniently on the go from your smartphone or tablet. Your tenants also receive automated notifications about the progress and can see that you are taking care of their problem.

Clarify open questions in the chat

In a shared chat, you, your tenant, and the tradesperson can clarify all open questions. This facilitates communication between the parties and saves you work.

Receive invoice

You also receive the invoice conveniently through the platform. Since all relevant information is automatically filled out correctly, you save yourself unnecessary correction loops. If your tradesperson forgets to issue an invoice, the software will automatically remind them. This way, you can focus on new tasks.

Your benefits at a glance

More than 70% time savings

Never wait for weeks for quotes again or deal with complicated communication through three different channels. With Golden Key, you can go from damage report to invoicing in an average of 12 days.

Stay in the know

Through the property manager portal, you have an overview of all costs and invoices – and can see at a glance the status of different orders.

Less costs

Through Golden Key, craftsmen receive all the important information about the job directly. This saves them unnecessary trips and you unnecessary costs.

Satisfied tenants

Not only you, but also your tenants save a lot of time and nerves with Golden Key. They see that you take their concerns seriously and take care of their problems.


CHF 249/ Employees

Included in the price:
Manage unlimited units
A German and English language version
Clear evaluation of all costs and damage cases
Access to the craftsman portal, where you can compare different offers without obligation
Live-demo vereinbaren

How to work with Golden Key

We want to make the transition from paper to software as easy as possible for you. That's why we guide you step-by-step through the conversion process.

Step 1:  Live-Demo

One of our experts will present all the features of the software to you in a 15-minute live demo


Step 2:  Onboarding

We support you in setting up your properties and tenants on the platform so that you can start using it right away. What we need from you: An Excel file with the most important data about your properties.


Step 3:  Tenant registration

Your tenants register via a link in just a few minutes and create a profile on the platform. This way, they can easily report all their damages online.


How to get started?

Schedule a free live demo with one of our experts now. In a 15-minute video call, we will introduce you to the different functions of the platform and show you how to use them best. Of course, we will also be happy to answer all your open questions


About us

The minds behind Golden Key: Pascal and Gilbert Spaini. With over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, the brothers have already managed around 400 externally managed and 130 owned units.

What always took them particularly a lot of time: damage management. Constantly typing information double and triple times and spending hours on phone calls: There must be an easier way.

However, they couldn't find any software on the market that reliably supported them in processing damage reports. So they quickly hired a development team and took matters into their own hands."

Über uns

Die Köpfe hinter Golden Key: Pascal und Gilbert Spaini. Mit mehr als 12 Jahren Erfahrung in der Immobilienbranche haben die Brüder bereits rund 400 fremdverwaltete und 130 eigene Einheiten betreut.

Was sie dabei immer besonders viel Zeit gekostet hat: das Schadenmanagement. Andauernd Informationen doppelt und dreifach abtippen und stundenlang Telefonate führen: Das muss doch auch einfacher gehen. 

Nur konnten sie auf dem Markt keine Software finden, die sie zuverlässig bei der Bearbeitung von Schadenmeldungen unterstützt. Also haben sie kurzerhand ein Entwicklerteam engagiert und das Ganze selbst in die Hand genommen.

Pascal Spaini
Gilbert Spaini

So they developed a platform with Golden Key that allows them to process damage reports






and more affordably

Today, more than 20 people work every day to further develop the software.

Our mission: to make it available to other real estate management companies as well.

Golden Key in numbers


+CHF 1 million

Order volume processed through the software


Over 3’000

Repair notifications


2 Languages

German, English


98% of customers

Exceed their ROI goals



Can I use the software even if I have no IT skills?
Of course! Golden Key is very easy to use. You really don't have to be an IT genius for that. We will show you exactly how to use the different functions for you in a free live demo.
I have already looked at other systems for real estate management. What is different here?
Your tenants and craftsmen are in the same system. This makes communication between the different parties easier and saves you a lot of work.
Can I also work with Golden Key as a private individual?
Of course! Our software is not only suitable for real estate management companies but also for private landlords or municipalities.
How much time will I need for onboarding?
We want to make your work with the software as easy as possible. That's why we create your properties and tenants directly for you on the platform so you can start using it right away. All we need from you is an Excel sheet with the most important information about your properties.
How much does the software cost?
You can test the software completely for free for the first 30 days. After that, you pay 249 CHF/month per administrator. Included in the price:
  • manage an unlimited number of units
  • a German and English language version
  • clear evaluation of all costs and damage cases
  • access to the craftsman portal, where you can compare different offers without obligation
Can the software do more than just process damage reports?
Currently, the focus of the software is only on processing damage reports. However, we plan to integrate additional features in the coming years.
Will tenants report every little thing if reporting damage is so easy?
No need to worry! If you don't want to encourage your tenants to report their damages, just send them the link to the portal only when they already come to you with a problem.

All questions clarified?

Then sign up for a live demo now.