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The service platform connecting real estate managers with renters and tradespeople across all Switzerland.

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The new way to run your real estate rental business

Golden Key's service platform integrates all property service processes into one streamlined solution. It helps real estate managers process cases, find tradespeople, communicate with renters and solve daily tasks in a fast and modern way.

Simplify your workflow

Streamline and automate your service with such features as messaging, tenant case processing, contract management and more.

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Find the best quality & prices

Save your money with Worker Marketplace. Get access to skilled tradespeople in various cantons and assign technical tasks to most efficient service providers.

Provide top-quality service

Satisfy your tenants and tradespeople alike by processing cases, managing orders and replying to messages quickly and accurately.

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Loved by companies across Switzerland

Golden Key gives me a clear understanding of a renter's problem so I can quickly plan my appointment and reduce car trips.
Reto Winter
Ramseyer Elektro
With Golden Key, getting an offer from a worker and having a damage repaired is a breeze! And we love all the communication options.
Vanessa Spaini
G. & P. Spaini
With Golden Key, I can process more work orders and finish my existing tasks faster.
Bekim Ramadani
Redbuy GmbH
Golden Key makes me more efficient! I use the platform to communicate with real estate companies, collect information from renters, create digital invoices, and more.
Faik Ademi
Faik GmbH
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A real estate manager’s day has never been so efficient.

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